Kenan Erim, The Leading Archeologist of Aphrodisias


Kenan Erim

Kenan Erim : The Leading Archeologist of Aphrodisias

Kenan Tevfik Erim was born in Istanbul on 13.02.1929. As a consequence of his father’s diplomatic career he was educated abroad, first in Geneva from where he went on to university in the USA, took his first degree in Classical archaeology at New York University (NYU) in 1953, earned a Master of Arts and PhD degrees at Princeton in 1958 and was employed by New York University. 

He worked as a professor in 1971 at the same university and was sponsored by the university during the excavations in Aphrodisias which he led from 1961 until his death of a heart attack in Ankara 03.11.1990.

He was buried in Aphrodisias to which he dedicated half of his life beside his eternal love Aphrodite. His bust is located in the Aphrodisias Museum. Large numbers of impressive statues are exhibited in the Geyre and Aydin Museums as evidence of his endless passion for archaeology.

His book "Aphrodisias: City of Venus Aphrodite" was published 1987 includes the works of sculptors and artists of Aphrodisias, especially during the first two centuries A.D. and the book was enriched with photos of hitherto unrevealed and unique works of art.

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